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Finding the right designer can be a headache.

I'm here to make your decision easy.

My 3 core values - If these suit you, we'll get along great:

The Mission - To remove the 'amateur' from small/medium sized businesses... simple!

Why? Because the efforts of hard-working businesses shouldn't go unnoticed

The Relationship - A level of trust and understanding is vital. I like to keep in touch and continue to work with all my clients as both of our businesses grow.

The Results - I design based on more than looks. The needs, personality and future of my client's business are always at the front and centre. Websites, Logos, Brand Identities, I've done them all.

My happy clients include:

What some of my clients think

Common Questions

  • Why would I benefit from this?

    There are a number of aims you can set when having new designs produced for your business; you may want to expand awareness of your services/products further than ever before, make purchasing with you easier for your customers or simply give your business a more professional look. Whichever aim(s) you choose will be the area(s) where you can expect to benefit.

  • How do I know this is going to work?

    Websites and Advertising as we know them still exist for one simple reason... because they work!

    That being said, professional design isn't the guaranteed solution to all your footfall/income worries alone and there is no reason you should be told otherwise by anyone.


    To make sure your design has the impact it deserves, effort and time must be put into getting it in front of your audience constantly. That is why I make a deal of continuing to work with my clients after a project has been completed; to make sure you truly get the maximum usage from your investment.

  • What will this lead to?

    In most cases, you will see a rise your customer's awareness of your business first followed by increased loyalty, better reviews and customer purchases. Is it guaranteed? No. Will I do my very best to make sure you achieve all the above and stand out from your competitors? You bet!


    I want your business to grow with mine.

  • What makes you different from other designers?

    There is no 'designing just to look pretty' for me, we start the project by setting goals and everything revolves around reaching those goals in a professional, strategic and well-designed manner.


    My insistence to communicate regularly and continue to work with you to develop your business after a project has also proved to be a beneficial stand out area for me which I am extremely proud of.

  • What are your qualifications and motivations?

    Design has been a passion of mine for most of my life. During my education I also gained an interest in problem solving which lead to me looking further into Psychology and Marketing. By the time I started my business I had a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design and A-Level qualifications in both design and business subjects. View my full bio here.


    Those are just the bits of paper though... I have a strong motivation to help small and medium sized businesses grow. Why? Because I genuinely believe small/medium business owners have the best attitudes (myself included) and therefore deserve to reach their goals.

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Client Testimonial:

'Luke approached me with the offer to update and modernise our logo. The outcome he came up with was great and communicated the essence of my business like I had always wanted it to.


I was so impressed by my new logo that Luke and I continued to discuss how to improve In the Flow's future and soon decided that a new business card design and website would make great investments which they did! I can now sell my products online, reach out to particular customers better than ever and my business looks more modern and professional than ever to boot.'

Simon Alvey, In the Flow Ltd